The Intelligent Sleep Apnea Treatment

The Intelligent Sleep Apnea Treatment

Who We Are

Welcome to
Therapnea Labs

Therapnea Labs Ltd is an experienced MedTech company with a novel, patented technology to treat “the silent killer” –
Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

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Our Technology

Therapnea™ is our new and unique OSA therapy device that overcomes CPAP therapy compliance problems through patented innovations and a disruptive approach to OSA treatment.

A small box contains
the airway support
device motor/driver,
power source and
communication modules
A thin tube (~2.5 mm)
runs from the box to
a small dental plate
Before going to sleep,
the patient secures the
dental plate in the mouth
and wears the box on
the chest, arm or head


OSA is a global life-threatening chronic disease that affects nearly a billion people worldwide.
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Sufferers worldwide1
0 %
Of adults suffer from OSA3
$ 0 B
Cost to USA for undiagnosed OSA cases3
0 X
More common than diabetes2
0 %
Of sufferers are undiagnosed3

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